Zodwa Wabantu vs Babes Wodumo


This is the dance-off between super-famous Babes Wodumo and scandalous Zodwa Wabantu, IT IS ON!!


Without a doubt, Babes Wodumo is a professional dancer, and while many will complain at why we are making her to go against the famous Zodwa Wabantu, we are NOT.


This is just a way for us to appreciate the hottest stars in the entertainment industry right now!



Without a doubt, South Africa is enjoying the amazing talents of these two beautiful dancers, Zodwa Wabantu and Babes Wodumo and if truth be told, it would be absolutely sensational to one day see them both on the same stage, dancing their hearts out.




So, to keep things interesting, check out one of Zodwa Wabantu’s best dance videos from Instagram vs the best dance moves from Babes Wodumo.


krayzik🌟 wrote: “This to me is evidence of what a star is, even after you have been done wrong, your ability to get up and know that the show must go on and you still BABES WODUMO even after the awards is why I respect You!”






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So, the verdict is out, which one of these stars, Zodwa Wabantu or Babes Wodumo do you find yourself liking more and more? We love them both and we would not want you to choose!


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