VIDEO: Watch Zodwa Wabantu lift her leg to “Sizo memeza”

Zodwa Wabantu Mememza

“SIZOMEMEZA!”, shouted the people watching Zodwa Wabantu. 

We cannot get enough of the slow dancing socialite Zodwa Wabantu, real name Zodwa Libram! Ever since she burst onto the scene less than 2 years ago, the talented leg-spinning dancer has risen in fame and fortune.

According to some well placed sources, she now charges from R15,000 to R25,000 per night to perform at entertainment spots.

It’s not very hard to see why she is extremely popular:


+ She speaks the language of the people, she is humble!

+ Zodwa Wabantu has a unique style, no-one dances like her!

+ Zodwa does not put make-up, she is a natural beauty.

+ She is a proud and un-apologetic strong African woman.

+ Zodwa Libram knows how to tease and hold an audience captivated.



Here are some words from Zodwa Wabantu fans!


Wandile shabangu wrote:

“Zodwa’s legs though…..mmmmm on point.”


Joja said:

“I just feel like gentlemen love Zodwa Wabantu and girls hate that”


FortyThiefs typed:

“Look at the legs on that Clydesdale.”



Opinions and comments are not enough, you just have to watch Zodwa in action and you will see why she is just too loved by many people! She is a phenomenon. The way she grabs attention and hold everyone around her in suspense is simply out of this world. Wou

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