LATEST VIDEO: Zodwa Wabantu get’s down in the studio with DJ Sbu

Killing it in studio with the DJ Sbu, Zodwa Wabantu totally shut down the studio, getting down at Massive Metro studio.




Zodwa Wabantu has done it again. This time she jumped onto the table and started dancing in front of guys in a way that is definitely very Zodwa-esque.


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These YouTube Comments are the real deal:

Ray A6  said: I’ve came across video after video of Zodwa Wabantu and women like her and all I can say is…why? why these women don’t or are not being portrayed as anything more than a big stupid ass with a big stupid ass… even if they’re doing other things other than being a ho, it is not seen or showed therefore they’re reduced to being objects of lust and nothing else. I’m a man and I love women, beautiful sexy women but this is not beautiful or sexy, this is tiring, upsetting and disappointing.”

Tamaica Sledge wrote: “You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of American don’t know how to have fun like this Zodwa Wabantu.”

Robert Barnes typed: “The tragedy of my black people today. Cannot create anything, cannot building anything, cannot embrace our culture. Low or no moral standing from individual and governments. But all can shake their asses and consume alcohol and sexual demented behavior. But want the world to respect black people. My people need to look in the mirror and see now today the real problem. Colonialized minds from their oppressors and live it to the fullest now. When your only claim to fame is shaking your ass for respect as a bed wench. I guess Negros will continue to the last on the list of humans on this planet.”

Andre7250 said: Zodwa Wabantu easily has The BEST THIGHS in the world!!!


Are they being too judgmental? We’re not sure, just check out the video below and you be the judge!



WATCH: More of Zodwa Wabantu’s Best Videos