BOOM! Explosions then money everywhere on the ground: Live Robbery

cash in transit robbery

Crime is taking over our country and we feel powerless to stop it.

Crime statistics when calculated as a rate per 100,000 population, shows that the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape are often at odds with each other to claim the top ‘dishonour’ of being the most violent provinces in the country. This has been proven to be wrong as KZN leads the continent in terms of crime prevalence.




With the latest crime stats release, this trend has not changed,with the gap between the two provinces narrowing.


Frightening murder statistics

There were 827 children murdered in South Africa in 2012/13. That is more than two a day. Added to that is the 21,575 children who were assaulted, with almost half of those assaults being severe.



Statisticians have pointed out that there is a “good correlation between the increase in murders and the increase in robberies” over the past years. That is because the perpetrators are usually armed and willing to use force, he said.

With most murders occurring between people who know each other, the police can do little more than swiftly bringing the perpetrators to book. But most robbers start out robbing people on the street and then graduate to bigger targets, such as houses, trucks or banks, Newham explained.


Fighting back

So what are South Africans doing to deal with all this fear? A tiny proportion of households surveyed will admit to arming themselves: for the past five years, the figure has failed to creep much over 5%.


In the recording posted on YouTube, suspects run after bombing the vehicle, and then return

This cash-in-transit heist on the N4 Crocodile Gorge in Mpumalanga was captured by an eyewitness



It is reported that there were around 10 robbers:

+ Four vehicles.

+ A black Mercedes.

+ Two BMWs, one grey and one black.

+ A white bakkie.


These started shooting at the Armoured  Fidelity Security bakkie. This bakkies was seen approaching from Malalane side towards Mbombela.


Comments from around the Internet:


Blair Van Breda wrote:

This guys call to the cops sounded like a KFC delivery order , way too chilled.


Azole Loko wrote:

These guys are legends! Calm and accurate.


Eptescus wrote:

TThis is South Africa. This is the place where criminals are in charge, and where we are not even slightly surprised by such events. It is also a place where policemen are often the ones involved in these sorts of crimes. This is South Africa; a place where there was once hope, but where there is now no hope at all. This is what we call liberation.



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