What Did The Pastor Say That Made Somizi To Leave Grace Bible Church?

How many times has the most controversial man, Somizi Mhlongo, been in the media for controversy? That number is probably too high, yet, we have gone out of our way to outline the 5 times he made headlines.


Somizi Sama Joke


1. That time Somizi said a man “tried to sell himself for R10,000”

In a scandal that shocked the nation and somehow didn’t become as lond-drawn as such cases normally get, it appears the matter quickly dissappeard without reaching epic proportions. Mhlongo, 34, at the time claimed that his driver at that time, Celani Njapha offered to sleep with him in exchange for R10000.

Somizi was heard to have said:

”He thought I was going to persuade him to drop charges and give him money,” Mhlongo said.

“I think he also feels offended that I turned him down and didn’t want to have do the horizontal mambo with him. He approached me under the wrong impression that people like me are promiscuous.”

A highly embarrassed Njapha often looked down in shame and the magistrate had to repeatedly instruct him to raise his voice. The complainant responded, while breaking down many times during his testimony, “The reason I jumped into Somizi’s car was to get his autograph and contact number so that my che could help me with dancing auditions.”

Prosecutor Teresa de Kamper argued that Mhlongo misused his celebrity status to indecently assault Njapha, who is a fan of his.


2. That “I have HIV, cancer or diabetes” time

In a bizzarre twist, Mhlongo said:

“I haven’t had the courage or the need to say which one it is between cancer, HIV and diabetes.”

having been told at the time that he only had a month to live, he goes on to say, ”But God had “other plans” for me”. This was more than six years ago.

According to him, life became difficult after:

+ He was falsely accused of sexually assaulting a man.
+ Needed to go on anti-depressants to deal with the stress.
+ His cars were repossessed.
+ His mortgage was in arrears.
+ He was completely broke after jobs in the entertainment industry apparently dried up.

The only solution he claimed was to stop “drinking and sleeping around” and turning to prayer and spiritual enlightenment in the RHEMA church.


3. That “Zahara Bar Joke” Joke at the SAMAS time.

At the Sun City Superbowl, during the SAMAS in which he was a host, he made a joke that shocked the nation and unleashed a strom. He joked about Zahara.

”We are almost at the end of the show. There is an amazing after-party, where is Zahara? … useke bar?”

Zahara later published a statement indicating her high interest in starting a law-suit to legally make Somizi and the SAMAS pay for the damage to her reputation and career that his words had done.

He later released a statement: “Askies Zahara, I was just having fun. I joked about a lot of people, including Khanyi Mbau that she was white. I made a joke about Babes Wodumo and she was laughing.”



Somizi Sama Joke

Picture credit: Veli Nhlapo (Soweto Live)


4. That time he said “Let God deal with me” to Grace Bible Church

While another popular Tumi Stopnonsos was in the same church, the Pastor of Grace Bible church spoke about the sins of homosexuality. This didn’t sit well with Somizi who then stormed out of the church with his entourage.

This time Somizi was really pissed off, and ranted to fans that he had stormed out of church‚ after a visiting pastor labelled homosexuality “sinful” and “disgusting”.

Somizi is heard saying in the video:

“I am not going to sit here and listen to someone offend me. This is who I am. I am a gay man. Get it straight into your your skull…I will remain gay for the rest of my life. Let God deal with me.”

The video by Somizi really didn’t sit well with people, but some saw it as a chance to defend the man. The scene that enfolded on Facebook and Instagram lasted for weeks.

No opinion or advice needed. I’m just venting. @grace_bible_church

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Here is the original video where the pastor spoke candidly.


But this skit by the most popular comedian in South Africa right now, Skhumba summarized it all:

5. That thing he said about White mall vs Black mall toilets

In what was supposed to be standard rant about the standards of toilets in South Africa, Somizi instead found himself in the middle of yet another scandal.



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In the Instagram video he suggested that toilets used in “white malls” were better for privacy than those in “black malls”.

“I have discovered something. If you want privacy go to those malls‚ I call them white malls‚ those malls with mostly white people.

“There is something about white people and the toilet.

“I think they go on schedule . . .

“Go to black malls‚ oh lawd‚ the person who just came out will wait until you come out again just to make sure it is you‚” he said.

Typically, may found his words very demeaning whilst many defended him.




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