VIDEO: Angry pupils burn ugly school


“Enough is Enough!” Shouted the young pupils.

The irate learners at the KwaZuluNatal Greytown Secondary School called eSokheni decided to take their anger and become arsonists when they set their school on fire this Monday.

The shocking reason for this gross display of violent nature is that they wanted a prettier more pleasing school. Many people cannot believe this absolute nonsense and are shocked.


One parent said,

“These ungrateful pupils decided to set alight to building just because their standards of beauty are too high! I am stunned.”


Another said,

“I had no idea anyone could be that ungrateful … or that stupid. According to reports, these little arsonists actually get provided everyday with early breakfast meals & scrumptious lunch. Just imagine!”



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Comments from pupils:


Pupil One said:

“eSokheni is the ugliest school in the province, how can we be expected to learn there with pride.”


Pupil Two said:

“I would rather study under a tree than learn at this dump of a school called eSokheni.”


Pupil Three said:

“I do not know why they burned my school (referring to the other students)”





Upon hearing of this calamity, it is reported that the current Education Department spokesperson‚ Kwazi Mthethwa released a statement:

” A delegation of officials have been dispatched to the school and at this stage we are trying to understand what has gone wrong at that school. We are investigating‚” he said.

He also mentioned that while some pupils had chosen a harsher route to solving a problem, the rest of the pupils had displayed high levels of discipline and were continuing with their studies faithfully.

At this time, the culprits have not yet been named pending an official enquiry.



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