MUGABE TO ZODWA: What do you want? Men to see you? We don’t want such here.

The Honorable President of Zimbabwe, RG Mugabe, has just thrown the middle finger at Zodwa Libram aka Zodwa Wabantu who was scheduled to perform there.

According to reports, the words from the controversial leader of the friendly neighboring Zimbabwe country were:

“I’m sorry we disappointed many men.”

“You just come without covering your decency. What do you want? Men to see you? We don’t want such.”


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These words where spoken by the President at a rally held in the town of Bindura which was being attended by over 10,000 people.

While the country may be suffering from the biggest economic meltdown of modern history, it is still a highly moral country where open acts that are deemed to be not ok for public consumption, are banned.

The President has a staunch view on many western views which have been otherwise embraced by South Africa like legalization of gay marriages for one amongst others.

Not Zodwa Wabantu’s First Warning

Previously, in a successful trip, Zodwa had managed to dance in front of crowds with her trademark lack of under-gaments. Even at that time she had been warned that there was a high chance her moves would be blocked.

Zimbabwe is still a very religiously oriented country with children taught values from their years in School to much later. Something which non-existent in Zimbabwe.

That Zodwa actually managed to perform previously is still a mystery to many.


Political pressure blocked Zodwa Wabantu’s performance

Zodwa had been scheduled to dance her “vosho”  the capital of Zimbabwe’s Harare International Carnival. The straw that broke the camel’s back was that it appeared to the conservative Zimbabweans that Zodwa was spitting on their morals when she said:

“I will come as I am and I am and I will do the things I do, the same way I have been doing them.”

It was at this point that the team handling had to bow to public pressure as one of the popular Studio 263 actresses, Anne Nhira launched a very public campaign to have Zodwa blocked.

Even if she was going to perform at a club and not the conference itself, every person handling the show got cold feet.



In Zodwa’s own words:

“The show was cancelled at the last moment. They said I must tell everyone that I am sick and they would send me money to cover the trouble. It’s a political thing. It was politics behind closed doors because apparently people were protesting that they want me to perform and sponsors were pulling out of the event because reports about me were drawing too much (negative) attention to the event.”

Then of course, the President of the country stepped in and said, not in those words, “Go to hell, Zodwa.”




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