Fokof bra! Says Sister Bettina Mgarimbe & DJ Twitty to each other over Sister Bettina remix

In a very public show of ukungazwani, Mgariba and Twitty have said “fokof” to each other for good!


Sister Bettina.

DJ Twitty, (Philani Khuzwayo), is a very talnted DJ hailing from KwaZuluNatal. The DJ has a small Twitter following and was obviously looking to boost his social footprint here in Mzansi via the cult-song Sister Bettina.

Except …

He chose to contact Mgarimbe (Nkosinathi Mfeka) via Social media and turn the new remix project into a media circus.

One can only assume that the conversation probably started in the DM’s but failing to get a win, then DJ Twitty opted to take the battke public. Except, things didn’t quite go according toplan

DJ Twitty did not discuss the idea with him first.

When the cover for the track was released, a disgruntled Mgarimbe realised that his all-time favorite hit track was being released without a single mention of his name on the cover.


If it was you, am sure you would have been very unimpressed. Yes. Mgarimbe was not impressed at all. He created the summer jam with Jabu Mgeni who passed on in 2007.

In a very verbal, sometimes vulgar outburst, the artist lambasted DJ Twitty for remixing his music without his permission amongst other grievances.

Slept with my woman

Mgarimbe DJ Twitty Slept Women

At a low point in his life when Mgarimbe was struggling, DJ Twitty had offered him accommodation. Unfortunately, this when his woman is rumored to have slept with his now “enemy”.

To add salt to the injury, the track is said to feature Babes Wodumo.

In his words, Mgarimbe says:

“I was venting because DJ Twitty went on Twitter to announce the remix and he didn’t involve me  even though I made the song popular in 2006. When he got backlash that he’s not the right person to remix it, he then came to me. I felt disrespected,.”


DJ Twitty says it is all BS. He claims “I approached him for a remix and he seemed to be understanding. He asked to be the only person on the remix, but I said we should have someone else. I had Khanyi Mbau or Somizi in mind, but he refused. I left it at that.”

On the rumor that he deliberately left out Mgarimbe’s name, he said he was not responsible for the artwork as someone had done it without his direction from Social media.

In his words:

“I did the remix not for commercial reasons, but for people to enjoy in clubs. Mgarimbe just blew things out of proportion. I can’t believe he is doing this to me after everything I’ve done for him.”

Mgarimbe is not backing off. He says what he says is the truth.

In his word, Mgarimbe says:

“I have said all I wanted to say. I have no problem with him. I was just preventing this kind of thing from happening again. We need to end this.”

On his side, Twitty says:

“We’re no longer friends. I want nothing to do with him,” he sternly says.

So much for friendships lasting for a lifetime! We hope that the two can reconcile and become friends … friends are forever.

Or so we thought.

Grab some popcorn, chill out and the the entire Twitter thread here:



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