WHILE THEY SLEEP, I MAKE MILLIONS! Young Mzansi Millionaire Shares Secret How He Became Rich… In 5 Easy Steps …

1. Choose a mature woman who will support your dreams:

In order to succeed in life you need to surround yourself with “high-value” people. If you choose a cute girl with a big bum who only cares about her weave and make-up, you will cry from the stress she bring your life and the chaos she will invite.




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All she will do is drive you down. If you surround yourself with a drunk woman who dresses half-naked, or a woman who does not believe in your goals, she will drive you down the path to poverty and you will never dig yourself out until you separate yourself from her. Find a good woman and marry her. Her presence in your life will set you on a path to success.



2. Raise your standards:

There is no problem with having a igwinya once in a while. But if you tell yourself that you are satisfied with a piece of polony and igwinya every day, you will end up accepting any lowered states in your life.


You need to tell yourself that you deserve to eat expensive food, but you must also tell yourself that in order to truly deserve it, you need to work your way to success.


Cassper Nyovest


3. Stop being lazy:

A man does not rest when he is tired, he rests when he has finished his job. If he feels sleepy, he will splash his face with cold water, even pour water over his entire body just to make sure he keeps himself awake. Do not accept being lazy in your life. Rest when you have finished your job!





4. Dump your friends:

If you have been hanging around with the same guys for the last couple of years and all your situations are bad, there is a huge chance that you are bad influences on each other. Maybe you dream too much.


Maybe you talk too much. Maybe you are not focussed. But one fact remains – you are together. So if you want to continue being broke, continue hanging around with your friends. If you want to grow up and escape poverty, try to be by yourself, and before you know it, opportunity will come knocking on your door.



5. Learn something new every week:

At the start of every week, decide on a goal to learn something new, eg, how to drive, how to do public speaking, how to market, how to speak in a new language, how to manage business, etc. If you invest in yourself, there is a high chance that your investment will pay off sooner than you think.



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