Who Really Started “Shower Afterwards To Prevent Infection” Trend? HINT: It Wasn’t Who You Think …

How could you know? In Southern Africa, he is a legend. The many of many lives. Invincible. President Jacob Gedhleyihlekisa Zuma has seen over 20 lawsuits in his term in office and some more even before, but he has escaped them all.

1. Guns & Roses

The current presidential incumbent, ANC deputy president Jacob Zuma faces indictment. Gets indicted. He then faced up to 700 corruption charges all related to the arms deal. Yes, he was to be acquitted by a KZN court, and the reason? Insufficient evidence.

Update, May 2017:

Ajay Sooklal files in the Pretoria High Court: “President Jacob Zuma requested him not to divulge to the Seriti Commission into the arms deal that he [Zuma] had received gifts and bribes”

When: October 2005, Verdict: Not Guilty



2. The Shower.

A real Mzansi shocker, the vice-President, Jacob Zuma is accused to taking a woman who is the child of a family’s friend without her consent. Her name was Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo. One who is currently living with HIV. In court he calmly says he took a shower afterwards.

Update: Khwezi, sadly, passsed on in exile. She was mourned by her friends and family who descibed her as a loving kind soul.khwezi

When: December 2005, Verdict: Not Guilty.

3. Hello, Daddy.

Well, it looks like the President had been very busy. Within 8 months of coming into power, he is accused this time by the media of fathering a baby girl with his friend’s daughter, soccer administrator Irvin Khoza, who goes by the name of Sonono Khoza. In the following year, he apologises to the ANC and its alliance partners.

When: 2010, Verdict: Guilty

4. My house is your home.

After a lengthy investigation, the Mail & Guardian exposed that massive upgrades, allegedly funded by the public had been sanctioned in Nkandla, Zuma’s homestead. In a very public showdown, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela discovered the upgrades were not justifiable. EFF, DA and Public Protector have been trying to get the President to #PayBackThe Money for the last 6 years.

When: 2011, Verdict: Still under investigation



5. My country is your country.

In a leak that shook the nations and flouted national flight and migration regulations, a private luxury jet  packed full of Indian nationals was illegally allowed to land the Gupta horde at Air Force Base Waterkloof in Pretoria. Zuma cleared his name and Bruce Koloane who took the blame, was later promoted to become an ambassador within months.

When: April 2014, Verdict: Not guilty


6. My friend is your friend, Hello Duduzane.

In yet another damning revelation, former ANC parliamentarian Vytjie Mentor, a political veteran reveals that Indian-born Gupta offered a ministerial position in return for favors. In the preceding period, more individuals came forward. Then politician Mcebisi Jonas claimed he offered the position of finance minister. It was also revealed that Zuma’s son, Duduzane, was a very strong business ally of the Guptas.

When: March 2016, Verdict: Still under investigation

7. A rich family.

Zuma’s son, Mxolisi Saady Zuma is accused of trying to set up a R54-million bribe to use his father’s influence to alter the outcome of a huge government contract. President Zuma’s son, Mxolisi, 37 of age, and his younger brother Duduzane are the most prolific players in the Zuma era.

When: August 2016, Verdict: Still under investigation

President Jacob Zuma at the wedding of his son Mxolisi Saady Zuma to Phindile Luthuli.

Image: Richard Shorey



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