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Popular job-site, Career Junction has released its latest jobs report that their July Index remains in flux, with minor fluctuations month-to-month.

Quote from Career Junction:“There are fewer people going online to seek for new jobs.”When fewer people got online to look for jobs, it creates a high demand for those jobs, which in turn makes people with those skills more valuable. When job seekers are more valuable, their asking salaries go up exponentially.

The popular job-site has the CJI, a Career Junction Index (CJI) which is a mathematical algorithm for calculating labour dynamics in Mzansi . They use tihis to measure and calculate the job demand and job supply balance of the country.

While some sectors saw a decline in demand, some reported steep inclines: Especially in the the Professional Finance Jobs, Information and Communication Technology, Business & Management industries. A surprising turn is the up-swing in marketing, admin and sales sectors too.

“Trending jobs for July include jobs in staff recruitment/selection, client/customer support and financial analysis, Career Junction said,” pointing out that trending jobs provide an indication of positions that have become more popular in the online job market and has seen a recent spike in demand.

The most desired jobs in Agust / September are:


Salaries offered for Staff Recruitment/Selection:

GP: R15,000 – R22,000
WC: R12,000 – R16,000


Salaries offered for Client/Customer Support 

GP: R12,000 – R17,000
WC: R12,000 – R16,000
KZN: R12,000 – R16,000


Salaries offered for Financial Analysis

GP: R45,000 – R53,000
WC: R39,000 – R48,000


What are the most wanted skills in South Africa right now?

Software development.
Middle/department management representatives/sales consulting.
Middle/department management.

1. IT
2. Finance
3. Business & Management
4. Sales
5. Admin
5. Office & support
6. Architecture
7. Engineering sectors, among others.


This chart shows a snap view of which jobs are most wanted (high in demand) vs those that have high competition due to high availability (high in supply)



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