Use your vagina to get what you want: Huddah Monroe

Gorgeous bikini model Huddah Monroe, who wasBig Brother Africa (The Chase), Kenya’s representative has advised all those insulting and calling her ugly names to use their vageezy to get what they want in life!






In a quite highly heated post, the controversial model posted on Instagram targeted to women whom she said are passing judgment on her for lavish lifestyle and making her very unhappy

According to her, she finds it difficult to come to terms with women putting her life under the radar and making wild allegations about her:

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“Honestly, I don’t understand why women have to be the ones hating all the damn time. If you think my vagina is giving me the life I live then why don’t u use your vagina too to get a life instead of hating?”




Not known for holding her tongue when it came to things that matter the most, she vented: ”

“Today I feel like addressing some peasants here… Yah! We all know that gossip! Huddah has NO house, NO car, No man LOOOL! I don’t understand why bi**es (you know urselves) who think they have made it in life still follow a broke person’s life! Where I come from, a rich person is never bothered by a poor person’s life! But since you know u ain’t any better you have a small mind with a negative bank account that discuss people LOOL! Let a broke ni**a be and mind your own “Rich” lifestyles h**s!”


Well, at least now we know how she makes her money.


But then again, if you had a body like Huddah aka the Boss Lady, would you shy away from making a quick buck through that hot bod?



Here are 3 more of Huddah’s most controversial photos








VIDEO: Watch as Audi TT flies in dramatic accident