“SHE WAS DRUNK AND UN-HINGED”, claims Grace Mugabe about young model, Grabriella Engels but the sources say different about …

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An online commenter wrote:
“I have no sympathy for this “victim”. She’s a gold digger who thought she was going to going to benefit from socializing with these snakes. You party with snakes you will get bitten. What kind of person socializes with the playboy son’s of a dictator whose oppression and murder of his own people is well documented?”






As the country reeled from an allegedly very violent attack on the young model, Gabrielle Engels allegedly by the Zimbabwe first lady, Grace Mugabe, many are shocked as she now claims that she is the one who was attacked first. The first lady of Zimbabwwe went on to say that Gabriella Engels’ version of the truth was ‘malicious allegations’. She added that the said attack happened to her when she was going to assist her sons who have been mired in controversy themselves.

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JOHANNESBURG – The controversial politically strong no-nonsense first lady of Zimbabwe, popularly known as AmaiGrace Mugabe, has since strongly denied attacking the young aspiring South African model Gabriella Engels with an alleged electric cable. This attack is said to have happened in the province of Gauteng’s Johannesburg, in a very expensive hotel suite where her sons where hosting themselves. She was heard claiming that an “intoxicated and unhinged” Gabriella Engels attacked violently her with a knife.

This attampt at portraying herself as the victim has shocked many and has roused mixed feeling from a county that is already reeling under the assault of violent crime. Her two notorius adult sons Chatunga and Robert Junior are said by Grace, to have been “in trouble with a drunken young woman”.

In an official statement, the 52 year old mother of the nation of Zimbabwe, who is rumored to being a strong contender to become the new president of Zimbabwe, when her 93-year-old husband, President Robert Mugabe retires, was seriously considering laying attempted murder charges.

A written statement by Gabriella states that the first lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, burst violently into the room where she was waiting with two of her female friends, and aggressively assaulted her with an electric cable. While Grace Mugabe has zero sings of having endured any abuse, there are photographs that where taken of the young Gabriella Engels’ mother that clearly show a huge gash on her head and laceration on her legs and thighs.



The statment reads:

“She was worried about them and went to see them at their hotel suite. Upon her arrival, Ms Engels, who was intoxicated and unhinged, attacked Dr. Grace Mugabe with a knife after she was asked to leave the hotel. Security was left with no other option b

ut to remove Ms Engels from the hotel suite,” it continued. “Engels had been in a fight with other women at Johannesburg’s Taboo nightclub the previous evening and suggested that may have been the cause of her injuries.”

Others are buying this story. An Afrikaans civil society group called AfriForum, acting on behalf of Engels, denied both accusations and was quoted saying, “Gabriella never attacked Grace Mugabe in any way and she did not participate in the fight at Taboo.

It is clear that Grace Mugabe is desperately trying to escape responsibility for her own violent behaviour by using lies to falsely portray the victim in this case as the perpetrator.”

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In this survey, it is seen that an overwhelming majority are against Grace Mugabe receiving diplomatic immunity.



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