7 Strange Ways To Make any Beautiful Woman HUNGRY For You

What do women really want? That is the question every man must ask himself at least 1,000 times every day.


Well, I have studied over 500 hours on human behaviour and I can tell you that you need to forget what your uncle or father or brother told you. If you want her to stick around and love you for good, follow these new rules:




Be Good Looking, Go To The Gym, Look Sexy:


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No woman wants to date a guy who looks bad and does not take the time to groom himself. Try to be clean, brush your teeth and visit the dentist regularly and buy yourself clean smart clothes that suit your body type. Wear clothes that are so tight that the women can see the outline of you d_ick when you are walking. That is number 1 most attractive thing.



Always Assume Women Are Interested In You:

No guy is attractive who is insecure and behaves as if woman think he is ugly. Try to tell yourself that you are hot and attractive!! If you act like you think women love you, eventually they will love you and your woman will see it and want you even stronger than before.




Taking A Strong Lead . Be a dictator. And have fun while at it:
Don’t wait for a woman to tell you what to do. Find at least 10 thing everyday for you woman to do. If she refuses to do them, ignore her and don’t speak to her until she does them. This will show her that you are not supposed to be messed with.



Develop Impossible Standards:
Tell her you like when women kiss each other, that you’re attracted to it and sound disappointed if she says no. This is to ensure that she will feel like she is not meeting your standard and will make her try harder to be wanted by you.





Have A Sense Of Humor:
Be funny but never ever make fun of yourself. If you tease yourself, she will see you as being weak and tease you too herself.



Do Not React:
If she insults, teases, or compliments you, learn to take it with a straight face, don’t smile, laugh or get angry. Show that you have 100% control of your emotions. Women love guys who are NOT emotional.



Get 5 female friends and make her jealous:
Women love competition and most of all, they love a man who is desired by other women. So learn to make female friends who will call you or text you and tell her, “they bare just friends”.


Be prepared for her to revenge by also making guy friends. Don’t react. Simply get 10x more friends. Eventually you will win and she will see that you are NOT the kind of guy to be messed with.




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